The past week has been full of new adventures at Eastlake Community Church in Seattle, WA.

Last Monday night, I arrived home around midnight from the studio, where we (Rocketship Radio) spent 3 days recording Sweater Weather, our upcoming Christmas album. I immediately did some laundry and packed, napped, then took off for the airport at 4:30am Tuesday to fly to Seattle.

Upon arrival here, I was briefed on the install, which includes lighting and stage setup for a holographic projection system, made by Musion. This hologram will show the pastor, Ryan, streaming live from another campus 18 miles away, as if he’s standing on stage at the Bothell campus.

We built the whole stage and hologram system by friday afternoon, took a look at it and realized that with the room oriented the way it was, not enough people in the room would be able to see the hologram on stage.

So, in 30 hours, we dismantled the whole thing, including the 500 lbs. of truss in the middle of the stage, moved it to the far end of the room, set it all back up, rewired everything about 60/70 feet away from where it originally was, set up a new sound system and got everything running again. All of that happened thanks to the great team here: Dan, Dale, Jeff, Jonah, Jason, Rebekah, Tim, George and tons of volunteers from Eastlake. Also, Matthew from Streambox and Dan and Ainsley from Musion (both of whom flew in from London to help set up the hologram) were fantastic help on this big project.

The services last weekend here went smoothly enough, and my stay here was extended at least another week while we get everything together for the other two campuses which will be launched soon to fit all the people in this large and growing church.

I wish the photos of the Musion hologram did it justice. It seriously looks like he’s standing right there on the stage. When somebody stands next to the hologram, they look fake and the hologram looks real.

We’ve still quite a bit of work to do this week in order to finish this install and set up for the other two campus launches coming up.

Here’s to more A/V installation success in the future.

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