Allow me to set the stage for what you are about to hear (that is, assuming you hit the play button above).

I am sitting here at the Starbucks on Hillsborough Pike in Nashville, Tennessee, keeping Sarah company at work after having driven her over here. Just enjoying a pleasant October day.

I decide today needs some music to match the cool, shining atmosphere outside and the mood I’m in right now.

So I took out my mini keyboard, set it down on the counter next to me and start recording, using a few Reason patches from Ian McIntosh (which you can find here), along with some of my own sounds, and a French horn just for good measure. A few hours later, this is the result of my musical meanderings for today.

I would imagine the best places to be while listening to this would include the following:

  • In a car, by yourself, driving off across painted deserts, sunset blazing beyond the dingy windows by your side, comfort and familiarity behind you, the whole world ahead, and the need for something soothing to bring the day to a close as you drift off to sleep.


  • Sitting on a hillside overlooking a peaceful valley at dawn, just as the sun breaks over the horizon on a chilly fall day (cue the sun at approximately 2:14 into the song).

Or possibly:

  • Sitting in a comfy leather chair at a Starbucks thousands of miles from the home you left a month ago, wondering at all that has happened in that time, and yet somehow comforted by the fact that no matter where you go or what you do, God is still God and has not changed.

So, please enjoy.

If you think of another perfect scenario for experiencing this song, don’t hesitate to tell me.

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